Der Betrieb des Sportclub PSI und des Sportclubgebäudes OSCB ist aufgrund COVID-19 NICHT mehr eingeschränkt. Mehr lesen...
Operation of Sportclub PSI and the sportclub building OSCB are NO MORE limited due to COVID-19. Read more...

, Pfingsten Wilfried

Mini-Atomiade Berlin 2023 - save the date

First Announcement: Mini-Atomiade 8-12 June 2023 Berlin

The next ASCERI event will take place in Berlin next year from 8th to 12th June. It is called Mini Atomiade 2023 and includes the sports: Football, Tennis, Golf (to be confirmed), Badminton, Volleyball, Running/Relay, Bowling (to be confirmed). 

Friday - Arrival, opening ceremony
Saturday - sports competition, evening event
Sunday - sports competition, evening event
Monday - departure

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