The Music Room, aka CONTAINER, is the practice room of the Music Club located on the East side of PSI. Here we gather to make music and enjoy time with our music friends! The space is open to all members of the Music Club: bands, solo players, jammers, learners and enthusiasts.
The Music Club owns most of the gear in the room and those can be used by all members. We love our containers! And we are happy to share it with the ones who also would take care of it. And as it is a shared space , we expect everyone to comply with the rules below. 

General rules 

  • Book the Music Room prior to usage.
  • Don't use   anything if you have not   received instructions  !
  • When you leave, ensure that  heating  is  on  and set to  2 (spring) / 3 (fall & winter)  !
  • Return the key   right away when you're done !
  • If you have any questions  ask  !
  • Equipment can  NOT  be borrowed unless  AUTHORIZED  by the section leader*.
  • The Music Room is NOT a parking lot for your instrument. Unless your instrument is big (big = larger than a double bass) you are supposed to take it away with you. 

Access to the Music Room

Access to the Music Room is restricted to members of the SportClub subscribed to the Music section. If you are a member you can contact the session leader* to receive the mini-training required before you have your name added to the key access list. If you are not a member you can find subscription instructions on the SportClub main page.
The key to the Music Room belongs to PSI and stays under the PSI Security, therefore it  MUST  be returned  IMMEDIATELY  after each use.

Booking the Music Room

Booking the Music Room is very easy and works just like every other meeting room at PSI. The booking is done via Outlook as an entry to the calendar of the responsible musician. The room of the calendar entry is named "Music Room". easy easy! Please make sure to book the container in advance and to respect the others who booked the slot first. 

                                         *section leader 2023 : Ludmila Leroy (


The music room is located in OCON/219 across from OFLE.