Unsere Spiele / Our Games

Party Spiele / Party Games

Name Mechanics Players Play-Time
Bang (the bullet) Knockout, hidden roles 3-8 30min
Codenames Word matching, teams 4-8 30min
Deception (Murder in Hong Kong) Murder unmasking, hidden roles 4-12 30min
Decrypto Word matching, teams 4-8 45min
Dog First team to win 4/6 45min
Jungle Speed Pattern recognition/ matching 3-8 15min
Lovecraft Letter Fast knockout, memorization 3-6 20min
Poker Set (3x) Set of 500 poker chips and cards 2-10 variable
Port Royal Push your luck 2-5 30min
Skull King Trick taking game 3-6 30min
Skyjo Draw and discard, memorize 2-8 30min
Tipp-Kick Soccer with miniatures 2 15min
Uno Classic hand management game 3-10 10min
Captain Sonar Hunt down the other teams submarine (real time game) 2-8 60min
Saboteur Social deduction, hidden roles 3-10 30min
Dixit Describe beautifully surreal playing cards 3-12 30min

Kooperative Spiele / Cooperative Games

Name Mechanics Players Play-Time
Forbidden Desert Escape the desert 2-5 60min
Mice and Mystics Dungeon crawler, campain 1-4 90min
Mysterium Find the murderer 3-7 60min
Spirit Island Complex deck-building, fighting together 1-4 150min
The Crew (quest for planet nine) Cooperative trick taking game 3-5 20min
Pandemic Fight the pandemic, find a cure 2-4 75min
Horrified Resolve quests, avoid and kill monsters 1-5 60min

Leichte Strategiespiele / Light Strategy Games

Name Mechanics Players Play-Time
7 Wonders Card drafting, set collection 3-7 30min
Azul (Stained Glass of Sintra) Pattern building 2-4 45min
Breakthru Fighting, abstract 2 20min
Catan Classic economic, negoatiation game 3-4 90min
Dominion (big box) Deck building 2-6 45min
Ethnos Set collecting, area control 2-6 60min
Little Town Tile placement, city building 2-4 60min
Tash-Kalar Arena fighting, pattern building 2-4 60min
Wingspan Engine builder with butiful birds 1-5 75min
Saurvival Collect cards to battle the fierce T-Rex!  (Swiss game designers) 2-4 90min+

Anspruchsvolle Strategiespiele / Heavy Strategy Games

Name Mechanics Players Play-Time
Agricola Farm building, worker placement 1-4 150min
Five Tribes Worker displacement, bidding, puzzling 2-4 90min
Imperial War game, stock market 2-6 180min
Power Grid Bidding, power plant building 2-6 150min
Scythe Economic, fighting 1-5 120min
Smallworld Fighting, area control 2-5 90min
Cosmic Encounter Asymmetric roles, alliances, conquer the galaxy 3-5 150min
Dune Imperium Deck building, worker placement, fighting 1-4 150min
Earth Ecosystem building, follow along, race for goals 1-5 90min


Name Mechanics Players Play-Time
Adventure Games (4x) Story, exploring, puzzling 1+ 120min
Exit Puzzles (4x) Jigsaw puzzles with riddles (368/759 pieces) 1+ 2h+