Schach / Chess

We would like to invite those who like playing chess to the cafeteria Time In at the east side (OHSA) - we are getting together once a month, on the last Tuesday of the month at 6 pm . It doesn’t matter how strong you are, just if you're interested in chess and would like to spend some time on it you are very welcome.

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Contact: Cedric Cozzo  

Diejenigen, welche gerne Schach spielen, möchten wir in die Cafeteria Time In (OHSA) einladen. Wir treffen uns am letzten Dienstag des Monates um 18.00 Uhr. Es spielt keine Rolle, wie stark Du spielst. Du bist sehr willkommen, wenn Du Dich für Schach interessierst und ein bisschen Zeit damit verbringen willst.

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Kontakt: Cedric Cozzo  

Next dates

2023.09.13: PSI Sportclub fest

Come and test your puzzle solving skills at the PSI sportsclub fest 2023.

2022.02: rapid tournament

12 players have registered to the winter/ spring tournament:   . all information (rules, results) are also found on that page.

News from the section

2023.09.01: End of the Winter/spring tournament

2023.02.06: Beginning of the Winter/spring tournament

2022.12.14: Umut's farewell.

2022.11.29: Chess evening at the cafeteria 'time in'.

2022.10.18: Chess evening at the cafeteria 'time in'.

2022.09.08 - Blitz tournament of the Sportclub Fest:  8 participants have taken part in our 5'+3'' tournament. Thank you for the excellent games and congratulations to Umut for winning.