Der Betrieb des Sportclub PSI und des Sportclubgebäudes OSCB ist aufgrund COVID-19 NICHT mehr eingeschränkt. Mehr lesen...

Operation of Sportclub PSI and the sportclub building OSCB are NO MORE limited due to COVID-19. Read more...

Musik / Music

Lowering down restirictions:

as of February - Switzerland lowered down C19 restrictions, and so the Music Club, now:

1) The music room container (OCON/219) - up to 4 people can practice at a time, masks not mandatory but recommended. The booking should be done via Music Room (PSI), and the key has to be taken from security desk OST (name will be asked).
2) Practices happening at PSI auditorium (SZ-WHGA/001) after 18:00. No limit on number of musicians. Please reserve the room in PSI calendar and include the name of all people who are participating the practice session. Wearing masks are not mandatory but recommended.
3) Music Club can start organizing indoor and outdoor events.
June 5, 2022, 21:00-00:00 Uhr
Amazing Horse Doctors play in Henry's Bar in Baden. All come to rock with us. 2G+ required.
Link: Contact: Robert Sobota,


Previous events

Music Club organizes SUNSET ROCK..!!!

May 13th, 2022, 1700 -> ~22:00

Music club invites to music event on 13.05.2022, organized by the Music club section of SportsClub PSI. The event is held in PSI - “Solar building” – parking lot (West) (WSAE) and starts at 17:00. The event will entertain you with four hours of solid rock music. Event involves PSI JamCLub and newly created super-band Horse Doctors. No Covid restrictions rules apply.



Previous events

Free rock concert from the band PSP, from the Music Section-SportclubPSI.

March 4, 2022, 21:00-00:00 Uhr
The concert takes place and Henry’s Bar in Baden. Come and enjoy the show. 2G+ required.
Link: Contact: Peter Alpert,


Christmas Music Market - canceled!  

Unfortunatelly, due to current Covid situation at PSI, the event on 10.12. was canceled.

Music club together with PhD and Post-doc Association (PPA) invites you to Christmas Music Market - Dec 10th (TimeOut - WBGB @1700). The event is in light of cozy Christmas Market, specially prepared for you, softening Jam-X-mas improvisation (JamClub) followed by rocking PSIchecelics. The event is taking place in TimeOut (WBGB) on December 10th and starts at 17:00. Do not hesitate because maximum attendance due to Covid restriction is 50 people (covid certificates - required).



Previous events

Halloween Jam-club party! 29.10.2021

Music club invites you to Halloween Jam-club party. Improvisation performance of Jam Club together with the master Dj. Laso held in "Solar building (WSAG)" on 29.10 (~18:00). Prepare to spook on! Do not hesitate because maximum attendance due to Covid restriction is 100 people (covid certificates - required).

preregistration here:


PSIchedelics back in concert! 24.9.2021

PSIchedelics ARE BACK! Music club invites you to rock with us in OASE on 24.9. Rocking covers performed by fantastic people and musicians will get hell out of you right from the podium. Do not hesitate because maximum attendance due to Covid restriction is 50 people. Therefore, COME COME COME COME and have FUN FUN FUN!

Masks, keeping distance and covid certificates are required. Free entry. Pre-registration due to contact tracing required. More at our website.


Previous events

Jam Club Live! 27.8.2021

Music club invites you to Jam Club live. Improvisation performance of Jam Club helding in PSI Auditorium on 27.8. We play Rock, Trip, Funk, Blues and more, in a special improvisation way you would love it! Do not hesitate because maximum attendance due to Covid restriction is 50 people. Therefore, COME COME COME COME and have FUN FUN FUN!

What do we do?

The music club has three main groupings:

The offical Sportclub PSI band named the PSIchedelics.

Classical and jazz oriented music.

Personal use of a music room.

1) PSIchedelics 

We host many concerts and DJ shows with multiple bands and perfomances. We want to have as much fun as possible and explore all kinds of music. Please stop by our practices and shows. Hope to see you there!

Let us know if you want to participate or play in a show. Would be glad to have more musicians. Regular practice on every Tuesday and Thursday's starting at 18:00 in PSI Auditorium (SZ-WHGA/001).

Practice place:

We play a lot of music! Check our our playlist below. 

Riders on the Storm -The Doors Acida - Prosac+ Miss The Boat - Spiderbait Starlight - Muse
Don't Stop me now - Queen Black dog - Led Zeppelin What you Want - Evanescence Going Under - Evanescence
Dark Necessities - RHCP Iron sky - Peolo Nutini Toxicity - SOAD We will rock you - Queen
By the Sword - Slash Tick Tick BOOM - The Hives King For a Day - Green Day We will rock you - Queen
November rain - Guns'n'Roses California Songs - Local H Hey ya - OutKast  Sound of Silence - Simon and Garfunkel
Last resort - Papa Roach All Star - Smash Mouth Gimme shelter - The Rolling Stones Macarena - Bayside Boys

...and more...(we also choose songs to our taste, and change in time...)....

2) Jam Club

Jam club was founded to explore more impovisation part of music to get even more fun, not to be bound by already defined (cover) songs. Member of Jam Club, are free and can attend anyone, we play according to mood...(we do even our own merchandise:)...We usually meet on Fridays in Auditorium at 18:00 in PSI Auditorium (SZ-WHGA/001). 

  Contact: Robert Sobota,


 3) Classical Music

-> we invite members who are into classical music contact: Micha Dehler,

4) Personal use of the music room

Would you like to practice your own instruments? Do you need a place to play really loud (i.e. not your own apartment)? Then the Music Section has a solution for you. When you register for the SportclubPSI and select to be a part of the Music Section, you will be authorized to use the music room.

    Contact: Robert Sobota,


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