Als Massnahme gegen die Ausbreitung von COVID-19 wurden alle Aktivitäten des Sportclub PSI ab dem 16. März 2020 eingestellt. Darunter fielen alle regelmässigen Übungen / Treffen sowie auch der Betrieb bzw. die Nutzung des Sportclubgebäudes.

Angekündigte Lockerungsmassnahmen  ab dem 11. Mai 2020 betreffen:
- Betrieb Massagepraxis nur nach vorheriger Terminabsprache (s. Webseite Massage)
- Tennis im Sportcenter Leuggern entsprechend veröffentlichten Schutzkonzepten vom Sportcenter Leuggern

Weitere Lockerungen ab dem 8. Juni 2020 betreffen:
- Darts, Gruppen-Fitness, Klettern/Bouldern, Ninjutsu, Petanque im/ums OSCB/PSI
- Badminton, Basketball, Fussball, Tischtennis, Volleyball in den Hallen in Wuerenlingen
  (bitte kontaktiert die entsprechende Sektionsleitung)

NEU ab 6 Juli:
  - Das Sportclubgebaeude OSCB ist ab dem 06.07.2020 wieder fuer den allgemeinen Zutritt geoeffnet.
  - Ebenso sind Umkleiden und Duschen wieder geoeffnet. Der Betrieb ist allerdings eingeschraenkt.
  - Die Regeln sind unbedingt einzuhalten!

Weitere Information zum Coronavirus und COVID-19 finden sich beim BAG.


To counter spreading of COVID-19 all activities of Sportclub PSI had been cancelled since 16 March 2020. This included all regularly facilitated trainings / meetings, as well as the operation or use of the Sportclub PSI building.

From May 11, 2020, announced easing measures concern:
- Operation of massage practice only after prior appointment (see website massage)
- Tennis at Sportcenter Leuggern according to the published safety concepts of Sportcenter Leuggern

Further easing measures starting 8th June 2020 concern:
- Darts, Group-Fitness, Climbing/Bouldering, Ninjutsu, Petanque at/around OSCB/PSI
- Badminton, Basketball, Football, Table Tennis, Volleyball at Gyms in Wuerenlingen
  (please contact the reponsible sektion head)

NEW fom 6 July:
  - The sports club building  OSCB will be open for generell access again from 6th July 2020.
  - Changing rooms and showers are also open again. However, the operation is restricted.
  - The rules must be followed!

You can find more information on the Corona virus and COVID-19 at the FOPH.


Yoga - Mailing List
Announcements for the yoga classes on Mon, Tue, Wed and Fri are done via the Yoga mailing list, you can subscribe and unsubscribe to it yourself, or drop a mail to Nicole Hiller or Laura Hennemann.

Info for new members:
Most of our yoga participants have been practicing yoga for several years already and thus our classes could feel very tiring and can include rather advanced poses. Nevertheless, beginners are more than welcome to join. Do not be afraid to take extra breaks and skip the poses that you do not yet feel comfortable with. The first class is free and for the classes you can come by without prior warning, but please let the teacher know that you are new, especially if you do not have a lot of prior yoga experience, so we can make sure that you are well taken care of.

We do have a selection of yoga mats that you can use (they are in the equipment room in the sports building), so you are not required to bring your own mat.

Montags / Mondays von 12.00 - 13.00 Uhr
taught in English by Nicole Hiller, Laura Hennemann, Agnese Carino, and Yuliya Sosedova as backup teacher.
(5 CHF/ first class free)

Dienstags / Tuesdays von 12.00 - 13.00 Uhr
taught in English by Ljupka Brünisholz, Nicole Hiller, Laura Hennemann, Agnese Carino, and Yuliya Sosedova as backup teacher.
(5 CHF/class, first class free)

Mittwochs / Wednesdays von 08.30 - 09.30 Uhr
taught in English usually by Agnese Carino.
(5 CHF/class, first class free)

Freitags / Fridays von 12:00 - 13.00 Uhr
taught in English by Ljupka Brünisholz, Nicole Hiller, with Laura Hennemann, Agnese Carino, and Yuliya Sosedova as backup teacher.
(5 CHF/ first class free)


Freitag 03.07.2020

Yoga (remote via Zoom) - Nicole

Dienstag 07.07.2020

Yoga (remote via Zoom) - Yulia

Freitag 10.07.2020

Yoga (remote via Zoom) - Nicole
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