Der Betrieb des Sportclub PSI und des Sportclubgebäudes OSCB ist aufgrund COVID-19 NICHT mehr eingeschränkt. Mehr lesen...

Operation of Sportclub PSI and the sportclub building OSCB are NO MORE limited due to COVID-19. Read more...

, Lehmann Eberhard

Overview Tournament 2020 / 21

Here's a quick overview of the tournament season 2020 / 21, including dates and locations.

  1. We will play in “level A” as before
  2. We will have 7 evenings with matches, including 3 at “home” in Würenlingen
  3. The dates are the following: to be fixed in your agenda

28.10.2020 (Wednesday) 20:15 in Tegerfelden  

4.11.2020 (Wednesday) 20:15 in Endingen  

27.11.2020 (Friday) 20:00 in Würenlingen  

10.12.2020 (Thursday) 20:15  in Niederwenigen  

17.2.2021 (Wednesday) 20:15 in Endingen  

5.3.2021 (Friday) 20:00 in Würenlingen  

19.3.2021 (Friday) 20:00 in Würenlingen